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    January 8, 2015 Meeting - Meet the Union

    Date: January 8, 2015, 7:45am – 10:00am
    Jumping Brook Country Club
    210 Jumping Brook Road
    Neptune, NJ
    $30.00 members, $40.00 non members, $25.00 in-transition & guests of JSAHR members, $10 additional fee for walk-ins
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    A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of a Union Organizing Drive

    What Employers Need to Know Right Now


    Is your company vulnerable to union activity?

    What are you doing to avoid the union organizing push?

    Join us for a presentation with National Labor Consultants (NLC), a professional association directing Human Resources Leadership Teams in preventing union organizing in the workplace. 

    Union activity has been on the rise in the US over the past few years. Union organizers are creating new ways to infiltrate your workforce. While union membership declines, the organizers are working hard to get to your employees before you even have a chance to see a piece of union literature. Organizers form “fake” friendships with your employees and create the illusion that they are necessary for employees to gain respect.

    NLC Consultants worked for unions in the past and they understand their mindset and strategies.

    Learning Objectives:

        Signs of Union Activity 

        Behind the Scenes of a Union Organizing Drive

        Union Avoidance


    About the Speaker:

    Keith Peraino graduated from Lehigh University, earned a MS in Healthcare Administration, and has  Certificate in Human Resources Management from Villanova. He has extensive campaign experience and was a Senior Human Resources Official for the largest healthcare system in New Jersey. He spent years directing extensive organizing campaigns by working in conjunction with many of the major unions that exist. His experience with the union, organizing, negotiating, and handling contract administration and arbitrations has provided rare insight into the methodology currently used by the nation’s largest unions. However, throughout his tenure, it became more apparent to him that as workers organized, there was little to no gain for them and nothing was being accomplished through collective bargaining.  As a result, since then, he has been involved with campaigns against unions such as, the Teamsters, UFCW, and IBEW and many others.  Keith  provides management training in all industries and speaks at many SHRM meetings throughout the country.  


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