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Career Transformation Group

    We are reigniting the In-Transition Group, which we have rebranded to the Career Transformation Group.

    Our mission is to support individuals who are either seeking employment or looking to change jobs by providing them the opportunity to network, share job search experiences, offer valuable insights and encouragement while empowering individuals to achieve their employment goals.

    The Career Transformation Group will meet immediately following the conclusion of the regular meetings and should run approximately 1 hour.

    The JSAHR Career Transformation Group is comprised of area Human Resources professionals who are seeking employment (‘transitioning’ from one job to another).  We have been able to place over 200 people.

    You can also check the Jobs Posting page on the JSAHR website (click HERE) for any current HR positions that might fit your experience.

    At each Career Transformation Group meeting, we will discuss topics pertinent to job search including networking, resumes, interviewing, leveraging social media and creating a job search plan. You can have your resume reviewed by the facilitators in the group. Past participants have found these counseling sessions to be extremely helpful in obtaining new positions.

    We look forward to your joining the JSAHR Career Transformation Group. We have helped many JSAHR members in the past – and we would like to help you as well.