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February 2019 Meeting

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We LOVE our members! 

    Along with our chapter President, Michael Timmes, we opened the meeting by welcoming new members and guests. 

    New Members: Doreen Foy, Ron Kasliner, Jennifer Noone, Sandra Pedroso, Carly Rehmann. Glad to have you as part of our chapter.  

    Guests: Scott Bliss, Linda Callari, Ignacio Rosales, Jesse Slachman, Gene Hallenback, Lauren Hauptman, Elizabeth Hernandez, Anthony Mangine, Dina Mulleano, Michael Sweeney, Judy Wisniewski, and Erica Wood. We hope you enjoyed the meeting. We look forward to seeing you again soon.  
    Are you a Young Professional?

    The Young Professional Group, led by Lisa Marowitz, will be meeting on Thursday, Feb 21 from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Biergarten in Asbury. Email for details. 

    Certification Counts: Enroll in our SHRM Learning System Study Group. Meetings start Tuesday, February 26, 2019 and are held at the Jackson Lewis offices in Tinton Falls.  

    The 2019 JSAHR Scholarship Program deadline is May 24, 2019. Two scholarships available! One for members, one for the child of a member. Details are available online.   

    Don’t forget - renew your annual JSAHR membership. 

    What’s New at SHRM  

    Recertification in now easier with the SHRM Certification App. Easily add your PDC’s, track your progress toward the required 60 PDC’s needed for recertification. Download from iTunes App Store or Google Play.  

    Get $20 off your SHRM Professional Membership. Join or renew now using Code STATE20 at 

    The SHRM Annual Conference & Expo scheduled for June 23 – 26 in Las Vegas - Creating Better Workplaces – with a super line up of speakers and topics such as Getting Talent Back to Work with Martha Stewart and We Are Work discussions with Johnny Taylor.  

    Check out the SHRM Foundation Scholarships for the conference at 

    College Relations Update 

    The HR Club at Monmouth University hosted A Career in HR on Thursday, Feb 7th. 

    Workforce Readiness Update 

    The Workforce Readiness Committee is looking for volunteers to help with getting people back to work.  Contact Christine Dykeman for details.  

    Diversity and Inclusion Minute

    February is Black History Month. Jennifer Myer Mahoney talked about the concept of black face which started back in the 1830’s minstrel shows and continued well into the 1970’s. People would darken their faces with things like shoe polish and paint on red lips and act out stereotypes. This was actually the seed of all stereotypes out there.

    Dressing up and acting out any stereotype is poor taste and should not take place anywhere including the workplace.

    Legal Minute

    For once Rich Cino had a lot to say ;-). The minimum wage laws are changing. Effective July 1 2019, the NJ minimum wage will increase to $10 and will continue to rise to $15 over the course of the next several years.

    There is also a lot happening around the #metoo movement that can impact many agreements and policies, including confidentiality agreements.   

    Connect with Rich and his team if you have any questions around these subjects.

    JSAHR Program Question of the Month: members were asked to share how effective do you feel leaders in your organization are at several areas. Click here to see the results.

    Meeting Sponsors

    Thank you to our sponsors: Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC. For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Bob Kane at or Dave Kostka at


    Topic: Creating a Culture of Transformational Leaders

    Speaker: Ethan Chazin of the Chazin Group

                   (201) 683-3399


    In this engaging presentation, Ethan asked the group – what are the characteristics that make organizations financially out-perform others? He answered – it’s one thing, culture. Then he asked, what is the one thing about culture that stands out the most? He said that one thing is compassion.

    Ethan shared that in a learning organization:

    • Training ‘Aint Enuff.
    • Attract, Retain, Advance NextGen Leaders.
    • Provide guidance future leaders need to evolve into their roles.
    • Deliver training, knowledge and resources to your people, when they need it, personalized so they can use it MOST effectively.

    He suggests that we focus on having a sense of purpose, probity or moral compass, caring about people and the planet.

    Some nuggets:

    “Managing ‘Ain’t Leading” ~Ethan Chazin

    “Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing.” ~Warren Bennis

    No organization ever got through a crisis or transformed itself through management. Give your people the tools, direction, training, guidance, trust, and empowerment to move mountains.

    He talked about self – leadership and the importance of how organizations MUST enable their people to lead themselves!

    Some best practices:

    • Have people define their jobs.
    • Job rotations.
    • Job sharing.
    • Self-managed teams.
    • Human capital audit.

    During his presentation Ethan also offered a complimentary Free Business Strategy Session.

    In addition you can find out more information regarding his presentation in his recently published book The Compassionate Organization.

    Next Meeting is March 14th.  Topic: Reimagining HR for the Future, Now! with speaker Bill Jensen.

    Hope to see you there.