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    Do you feel strongly about JSAHR, but you have not yet joined one of our fine Committees?  Are you looking to help JSAHR as much as possible?  Then please consider joining the Volunteer Committee.  You'll meet great new friends, share your creative ideas and feel satisfied that you've made a difference!  Please contact Paula Milmoe for additional information at: 

    The Volunteer Committee's role is as follows:

    • Provides information and assistance to JSAHR's officers at major events.
    • Assists in recruiting volunteers for key JSAHR Committees and activities.
    • Organizes annual award citations for JSAHR's volunteers.

    The Chair of the Volunteer Committee is Paula Milmoe.

    Finally, we strongly encourage all members to join one of JSAHR's fine Committees.  In particular, both the Programming and Membership Committees have room for new volunteers. How about you?  Can you join a JSAHR Committee?  If so, please contact us at:  Thank-you!