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    December Live Webinar

    Date: December 9, 2021, 8:15am – 10:00am
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    This meeting has been switched to VIRTUAL ONLY.​

    “Disruption by Design™: The Six Traits of Agile Organizations and the Leaders Who Lead Them.”

    What are the traits of agile organizations and how might leaders curate a culture that can survive and thrive in a dynamically changing world? As we prepare to exit the pandemic and meet the challenges of attracting and retaining a labor force for the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations will need to become nimbler and more adaptive to change and uncertainty. How can leaders support a new mindset of innovation in their teams and make it safe for workers to thrive through change? The Organizational Change Model will explain that resiliency is a function of BOTH individual traits AND environmental/organizational factors. We’ll then explore the traits of agile organizations and the skills needed by leaders to “curate” a winning culture at work. Participants will leave with new insights about their own strengths and areas for personal development, and with management tools that can be applied to transfer learned skills after the session. They will also be offered a FREE, private Individual Resiliency Assessment (online tool) to assess their own resiliency skills following the session.

    By attending this session, participants gain clarity and best practices:

    •Explore the Six Critical Traits of Agile Organizations
    •Explore factors that shape worker resistance to change and stifle innovation
    •Develop skills that will help you lead yourself and others through changing environments
    •Apply knowledge of the “Six Traits” to current change initiatives at work
    •Privately assess your own individual strengths and identify opportunities for personal professional development


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